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How are the rebate payments figured and who tracks my purchases?

Payments are based on your actual purchases. The qualifiers will vary by vendor. RBG tracks your purchase through velocity information received from wholesalers and direct sale distributors. The purchase information is then sent to RBG’s national office, where they are sorted for the vendor and submitted for your rebates.

How can RBG assist me?

RBG is a merchandising and marketing company that offers a membership program to independent retailers throughout the country. We are able to benefit our members by selecting, negotiating, implementing and tracking the best vendor programs on our member’s behalf. By joining our membership, your location is eligible for national chain rebates and allowances.

How do I become a RBG member?

Complete the new member registration form today! Contact us today or fill out this form.

How do I know which vendors offer programs through RBG?

RBG has all their vendor programs listed on the website. They also have a vendor program book that is available to all members. Programs are also introduced through e-News, the Competitive Edge magazine, emails and fax blasts, and your RBG account representative.

How long does it take to start receiving rebates?

Vendors are notified of new members once a month. It could take up to a quarter to start receiving new member velocity information.

How many rebates can I earn by joining RBG?

Average rebates earned are based on each member’s level of program participation, depending on the size of your location and your participation, rebates can vary. You can contact RBG for additional information.

How often are program payments disbursed?

Payments are mailed on a quarterly basis, approximately 45 days after the quarter ends. The checks are mailed with a detailed report that references the vendor, program payment and amount received. This allows a retailer to verify the rebates from the appropriate vendors. For members on the RBG tobacco program, tobacco payments are made on a monthly basis.

What are the fees to be a member?

Membership fees are never an out of pocket expense. Membership fees are deducted directly from the quarterly rebate check we send you. We categorize our stores in two groups: A location and B location. “A” location is over 1,000 square feet or more and is $500 per year. “B” location is between 1000-500 square feet and is $400 per year. There is a 10% administrative fee based off of the rebates we earn for you on your quarterly rebate checks. If you choose to be a part of our tobacco program, there is a 10% administrative fee that does not come out of tobacco payments.

Who do I order my merchandise from?

There is no need to change your ordering process, as long as you are using a RBG authorized distributor. Purchases from wholesale clubs are not eligible for rebates (Sam’s Club, and Costco). RBG will take orders from selected items that will be published in The Competitive Edge, to ensure the member receives all allowances from promoted product. These orders will be forwarded and delivered by your distributor.

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